Here are some of the best preparation tips that will help you score great marks in your board exams-

The CBSE Term 2 board examinations for classes 10 and 12 have been scheduled for April 26 by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The board exams will be administered utilizing pen and paper at the designated exam centers. On the board’s official website,, the CBSE Term 2 timetable will be released soon.

To do well in the exam, one must be well prepared. Break down your goals into smaller chunks to track progress, create a comfortable routine to follow, stay healthy and get enough sleep, and discuss crucial points/difficulties with the teacher; these are some of the most basic rules that will eventually lead students to success.

Preparation tips for board exams

Here are some of the best preparation tips that will help you score great marks in your board exams-

Time Management-

Exam success is determined by how well you manage your time. Make sure you give each subject ample time based on your level of expertise and the complexity of the exam. Divide your time correctly, allowing time for academics, entertainment, rest, and other activities.

Give Mock Exams And Solve Sample Papers-

Students must test themselves by solving a number of question papers or sample papers in order to grasp the precise meaning of the question and frame their responses in such a way that they may extend the question to its entirety. Give mock tests to see where you stand in your preparation and make improvements accordingly.

Set Daily Or Weekly Goals-

Make daily and weekly goals that are tied to your study routine. Encourage yourself to take one step closer to your goals every day, and reward yourself with breaks or sweets when you achieve them. By setting daily goals, you will be able able to follow a daily study routine and you syllabus will also be completed on time.

Avoid Long Study Sessions-

Ignoring your health will only lead to problems in the long run. Studying for long periods of time will decrease your productivity and weary your thoughts. This is why, in between study sessions, you should take breaks.

Make Notes-

Theorems, formulae, and procedures should all be recorded, and, after you’ve finished each topic, write out a summary of the chapters. It will help you understand the concept of the chapter during revision. You will be able to read and review topics more quickly as a result of this.

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